Club Events

2019 Competition Calendar

 Date  Event  Venue
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Supplementary Regulations & Entry Form
10 February Club Day Symmons Plains Download
17 March Club Day Symmons Plains Download
14 April Club Day Symmons Plains Download
4 August Club Day Symmons Plains Download
27 October N.E. Rivers Festival Hillclimb Legerwood Lane Download
24 November 2019 Tasmanian Super Sprint Championship Symmons Plains Download

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Our Club Classes are:
Class A            0-1600 cc
Class B            1601 2000 cc
Class C            6 Cylinder and Rotaries
Class D            8 Cylinder
Any car fitted with a turbocharger or supercharger is assigned to the next higher class. Eg a turbo rotary will be entered in Class D


Committee Meetings
The club meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 70 Panorama Road, Blackstone Heights at 7.30pm.